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Homebuying 101 Learn the basic steps to buy Real Estate in Southern California.  You can expect an overview of the homebuying process and learn the steps you can take today to become a home buyer. Real Estate is Local knowing what about our market will empower you to make decisions about purchasing a home.

Buyer's Info Chino Pool Homes Are you dreaming of a home where you can take a refreshing dip right in your own backyard, of course, Pool Homes in Chino are fantastic. Pool homes are a dream for many home buyers looking during spring; so if you love the idea of lounging by the pool, these properties offer both comfort and style […]
Buyer's Info How much is a house in Chino? Real Estate Market Update:  Chino   Real Estate is local!  The national or statewide real estate trends are a good starting point for homebuyers but what you really want to know is: Are houses in Chino Expensive? What is the average price of a home in Chino What’s the best neighborhood in my price point […]
Buyer's Info Home Buyer’s Info: Chino California Market Update February 2024 Real Estate Market. Real Estate is local.  National and Statewide numbers don’t make sense to buyers activily looking or sellers with homes on the market (click here for Tips).  Let’s make sense of our market: It’s a sellers market.  There is more demand for housing  (AKA buyers) then homes.  Prices are likely to […]
Buyer's Info California Dream for All is coming back! California Dream for all program is coming back, with modifications.  The registration portal will open April 3rd and stay open until April 29.   Here is what you should know: Recepients will be selected via lottery. First time Buyers 1st Generation home owner (new requirement) More details will follow!   send me your email for a news […]
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