Buyer's Info March 26, 2024

How much is a house in Chino?

Real Estate Market Update:  Chino


Real Estate is local!  The national or statewide real estate trends are a good starting point for homebuyers but what you really want to know is:

  • Are houses in Chino Expensive?
  • What is the average price of a home in Chino
  • What’s the best neighborhood in my price point

Let me answer that for you with the latest market update.

February 2024 showed that its still a seller’s market and, if priced near market price,  sales price can be expected to be  slightly over the asking price, the average right now is $735,532.  There’s also good news for buyers,  months of inventory and days on the market went up, which means they’ll have a little more choice and have more than a minute to consider the house.   Prices remained fairly steady on  month over month, fluxuating less than 1% month over month.

City of Chino is an excellent neighborhood with many ammenities and a great community to call home.  Compare Chino to others cities using our Move Meter